things i love

Right now, I love that I have no homework. I am just finishing up my student teaching and have all my TPA's done and papers finished. Yes, I still have a thesis to write starting in January but right this moment: no homework, no papers, no studying. This has meant a lot of making lists, making plans, and hanging out with these two:

(How could you not love them? Look at the cute.)

Another thing I love, Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. This book, I am only halfway through, but this book. It is just so many things that are great. I am not ready to write a review yet but I am going to and unless something goes terribly wrong it is going to be mostly me just going crazy over how great this book is. 

And finally, Claremont Craft Ales. It's my new favorite brewery. By new, I mean I have been coming here for around 7 months. They are dog friendly and do fun things like have speakers from the nearby colleges. 

(Also, the decor is cute. Super cute.) 

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