getting crafty: bridal shower edition

This last week I helped host a bridal shower for my dear friend who is eloping in early May. We had tea, bingo, and only one silly bridal themed game. This took up most of my crafting time so I thought I might share some of the simple things we did for the party.

The main thing I worked on this week were these mason jars. Right now, they have the vintage edition mason jars available in green and cobalt blue (similar to these ones here*.) I got the green ones, some green tags, gold ribbon, and a cute set of "Thank You" stamps for these jars. At the end of the party guests were invited to fill little paper bags with tea from the party that they could take home with them. We had this tea station (below) that they used throughout the party to make their own tea and then once they were given the mason jars they were invited to fill them with as much tea as they liked! 

The main event for the party was bingo! The bride and her family always play bingo at family events. Instead of doing a bridal themed game, we picked bingo because we knew everyone would love it. We could have done bridal bingo but her family has their own bingo set, so instead I made a series of unique bingo cards using scrapbooking paper and gold glitter washi tape. I used a bingo generator website to print out the cards for everyone. 

I think the best part of the bridal shower was that we kept it true to the bride. She was not really into bridal games or having too much attention on her only and family traditions were important. This made the day enjoyable for everyone. 


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