hiking essentials: what I wear

(This post contains affiliate links but all of my reviews are my honest opinion based on personal experience.) 

Today, I wanted to share the basics of what I wear on the trail. Durable high quality clothes can make a huge difference on the trail. I do almost all of my shopping through REI because of their REI Membership program and return policy. I know that with most items, if I don't get what I expected out of them once I get them on the trail, REI will let me return or exchange the item. 

My hiking outfit consists of what you see above: my prAna Monarch pants (I wrote about them here), a moisture wicking tank top (I use both the Nike one above and the leon tank from fabletics regularly), a pair of Smartwool socks (I always pack an extra pair just in case), a headband (either buff brand or the prAna one you see there), a pair of polarized sunglasses, and a good sports bra. 

Moisture wicking clothes work best for me on the trail, hiking is a longer workout than what most people do at the gym so making sure the sweat doesn't stay on you is important to keep it enjoyable and depending on the time of year it also keeps you healthy. I love the convertible pants from prAna because they offer protection from brush and branches but it is easy to change them into capris if it starts to get too hot. 

Looking amazing on the trail is not as essential as being comfortable and having clothes that are durable and high quality enough to stand up to what you are doing. While glamping may be a real thing, it's not nearly as fun as coming home covered in dirt and sweat and being able to talk about all the places, plants, views, and animals you saw out in the wilderness. 


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