things i love 5.9.14

ramble kat ramble

This has been a week of reflecting on blogging because just about everyone had a new eCourse out, a post with great tips, or a newsletter filled with inspiration. So, if you are looking for great blogging resources, this is the Things I Love post to read! 

First off, let's talk about this picture above. It happened by accident when I went outside to learn how to use a remote I got for my Nikon. Daisy thought the remote in my hand was a toy and this magic happened. 

Now onto some great blogging resources...

I signed up for the Spark eCourse from Campfire Chic. It's all about rekindling your passion for blogging. While I don't feel like I need my passion rekindled, I know that Kam always has killer advice for bloggers and it's only $10 for 30 days of inspiration and advice sent right to my inbox. I had to sign up. 

Elise Blaha continued her series on three things she knows to be true and this time it was about blogging.

5 Ways to Improve your blog writing from ruKristin. I considered making just this line center justified to see if it drove her crazy. 

And 5 Easy Ways to Blog Consistently from Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. 

Some non-blogging awesomeness...

Inspiration on how to restyle a chair for your garden. 

I now want to go bouldering in Leavenworth cause of this gorgeous post. 

Why you should take a private yoga class

59 National Parks is super cool and I am so excited for this awesome news they got! 

ramble kat ramble

And finally, my new Flow 397 shirt! I love it and I love companies that give back. $3.97 is given to the National Parks with every item purchased! 

What are you loving this week?


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