what i'm reading: cress by marissa meyer

It's really easy for a series to become boring or too elaborate but The Lunar Chronicles are still going strong and somehow, with each book, it becomes more fun and exciting to read.

Now, for the sake of no spoilers, I am just going to talk about what I really enjoy about how the series progresses. Each book adds a new character and the characters that surround her. The premise (as I have talked about before here) is Cinderella in a futuristic world of cyborgs and moon colonies. With each book you get introduced to another futuristic version of a classic fairy tale. While this seems like it could easily repeat itself or become too complicated, it does not at all. The characters continue to grow and develop, the world of the book expands with each new book, and the relationships become more interesting and dynamic. Cress (Lunar Chronicles)* was a fantastic third book and now I have to sit and wait for the next book in the series. It's a fun and dynamic YA read that creates a fantastic Sci-FI world.

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  1. I swear, as I progress further and further into my twenties, I get more and more into the YA genre. This sounds really interesting, although I am loathe to invest myself in another series! They can be so stressful, all that waiting... but I love unique spins on classic fairy tales. So I might just pick it up! (I mean, it's not like I have a pile of 7 books on my nightstand waiting to be read or anything.)