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Like I said before, I am finally able to start doing a lot of things I love that I have put on hold while working on school. One thing I am really excited to dive into is crafts, specifically sewing projects.

(a glimpse at my pinterest board) 

I get really discouraged with clothes for the most part. I feel like there aren't many options that aren't insanely overpriced for what I want, which is simple designs in bold and interesting colors and patterns. I love simple skirts and blouses. I love wearing dresses but I am on a tight budget and can't justify the $100 or more cost of the dresses that would actually flatter my figure. This makes me want to sew more. I have made my own clothes before, but as with getting back into any hobby again, I am nervous about where to start and what my skill level will be. Thank goodness for the DIY blogs out there and pinterest - they have made it so easy to come up with a list of ideas and get a better idea of where to start.

I can't wait to share these projects with you.


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