pinterest and cooking

I have recently promised to go out to eat only once a week. As someone who is not very skilled in the kitchen this has meant doing a lot of experimenting. I have used pinterest and some old recipe books to help me try new things because part of the point of not going out to eat is to eat more healthy and whole foods. 

But you know what I really don't like doing? Taking pictures of food. It's one of my least favorite things to do. I love when OTHER people do it. A good food blog with beautiful pictures of food can keep me engaged for hours but for me, the goal of trying all these recipes is not so I can take gorgeous photos of the food. It's so I can eat, and usually when I am making food, my hunger level reaches maximum and once everything is done and ready the last thing on my mind is "I should take a pretty, well lit picture of this like ASAP." Instead, I am thinking "FOOOOOD! GET IN MY BELLY!" 

This has led me to a small "problem" (which I say lightly, because a blog problem is most certainly a first world problem and not something that really is an issue). The "problem" is that I want to share with you the recipes that have worked and are awesome and the ones you shouldn't waste your time with or that may need small changes. But this is a blog and by all culturally acceptable blogging standards I should take like 30 minutes to set up a small photo studio in my dim kitchen. 

So, I have decided to break the norm and give credit where credit is due. Most of these recipes I will be finding here...

...on my pinterest board which I will soon be updated and making public to go with my blog. And when I try them and want to share them with you, it will be all about where I found the recipe because those are the people who deserve the credit. You should be looking at their blog anyway, so I will be sharing my favorite recipe blogs but please don't think I, in any way, consider myself a food blogger or a cooking blog because I don't have the skill set for that. I am an inexperienced cook who is trying to find more delicious things to make at home. 

What are your favorite blogs for recipes? Or your favorite recipes from your own blog?


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