what i'm reading right now

This past week has been crazy. The boy had surgery (he is fine, it was an unexpected but routine surgery) and everything got put on hold as I helped him with his recovery due to very limited mobility.

When I say everything, I mean it. Last night was the first time all week I had the time and focus to read a book. I just started a new one, and three chapters in and I am already excited about it. I started reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. This book is considered a fantasy book and I picked it out because it was recommended to me based on my love of The Night Circus.

I am already hooked in and had to remind myself to put the book down last night since I have work today and had to be up at 5. I am excited for my lunch break today, I am already wanting to read more.

While helping the boy with recovery, I got to catch up on my blog reading and found a few favorites:

I loved this Campfire Chic post on creating an art journal you can start and finish in just one night.
I am so excited this feature is back on Sometimes Sweet!
There were a lot of really good productivity posts this weeks, I especially liked this one from Lemon and Raspberry. 

I have to limit myself to just three good reads, I almost just posted every blog I read this past week (there were a lot) because there is so much great reading out there right now.

What are you reading right now?


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