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I love breakfast. I am mildly judgmental of those who don't, I mean, I am not going to automatically hate you if you say you don't like breakfast but I am going to be a little suspicious of you until I get to know you better.

With the boy recovering from surgery and me needing to find something yummy, delicious, and nutritious I could throw together. I was super excited to try this breakfast bake from Budget Savvy Diva. 

I am in love with this, and I am especially in love with it because you can customize it so much. I added onion to mine and instead of using the precooked Jimmy Dean Sausages (my store was out) I used Jennie-O turkey sausage that I cooked with the onions and bell peppers before putting it all together in the casserole. Even when I added the extra steps, this was still a super fast and easy breakfast to make and the clean up was easy too. 

It's delicious and not too heavy. I think you just have to watch how much cheese you add. For me, I kept the cheese very light, I wanted this to be a healthy option and I know the biscuits on the bottom are already pushing this recipe into the not so healthy realm (but guys, biscuits are so good, you can't not have biscuits.) It is not like most casseroles where the flavors all mush together and it just all tastes the same - you still taste the individual ingredients. You get a bite of bell pepper, a bite of turkey sausage, and you get a bite of biscuit. 
The best part was, I made a little bit too much and we had leftovers. I threw those leftovers in the toaster oven the next morning and was excited to see that even after a night in the fridge it heated up to be just as delicious as it was the day before. I am pretty sure I will end up making this again this weekend. It was that good. 
Where do you find your favorite recipes online?

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