another adventure: a day at a vineyard

It's been a long time since we went out and had an adventure. While normally, when I talk about adventures, I am talking about hikes and getting out into the great outdoors. But sometimes it is nice to just to go someplace new and relax with good food, maybe some drinks, and most importantly, good friends. This weekend was exactly that. It was our first real outing since the boy had his surgery. His friends invited us to a little vineyard in North San Diego called De Luz Vineyards for a small private party and it was amazing.

 Not only was the wine and food delicious but the view was incredible. Nestled back in the hills of North San Diego, surrounded only by other small farms (mostly avocado farms), and with gorgeous views of the rolling hills, it was the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday. There were short little walking trails that led to even better views and of course, it was great to just to walk along the vines and see how they were growing.

We sat around trying wines with our friends and eating lots of delicious food. I got to play with some adorable dogs who were wandering around the party and we met some really great people. The party was part of an annual bike ride that many do to the vineyard and the boy got to talk bikes while I got to talk a little farming and gardening with some of the neighbors.

It was something so unlike what we normally do with our weekends but it was the perfect change of pace for us.


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