goodbye, march: hello, april

March just flew by. I don't know what happened to it but I seem to be saying that every month these days. It seems like as you get older the weeks and months move so much faster but it is nice to look back and see how much was packed into this month. 

This month was all about 10,000 steps, a new blog design, and starting to have adventures again (especially now that the boy is back on his feet). I also did a guest post over at Campfire Chic on tips for your first spin class. It was also a month of recovery and lots of movie and TV watching. I am really loving The Pete Holmes Show - while his humor is for mature audiences - I think he is hilarious and I am excited that we are going to a taping of his show in April! 

So, what does April have in store? Well, I am starting the month with a trip of light hiking (trails of 2 miles or less) in Joshua Tree that I am really excited about. I will also be spending the month helping my friend celebrate her upcoming wedding and I hope to share some of those adventures, recipes, and crafts that are related to all the celebrations. The boy and I both have birthdays this month and we are hoping to finish off our day packs for our upcoming hikes and I plan to share with you what we carry and review some of the products we use. And on top of that, look how many books I just got from the library!?!

What are you excited for this April?


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