things i love: journals, coffee, and blogs

Lately, I have been waking up each morning to a big pot of coffee, my journal (see above), and some time reading blogs before getting ready for work. I used to read the news first thing but found it was getting me in the worst mood. Now, I listen to the news on my drive and read some articles during my lunch break instead. By using my morning time to write in my journal and read through my favorite blogs out there, I seem more inspired and focused throughout the day. It sets a more positive tone. Here are some of my favorite posts from recent weeks from just a few of the blogs I read.

I loved this book report from Lemon and Raspberry. There are so many books on my to read list and her list here gave me even more. It's also nice to see that someone else out there reads as wide a variety of genres as I do. While I know most people do, it's always nice to see a reminder of it.

This post from Campfire Chic about a blogger camping trip with SoCal Hiking/Adventure/Outdoor bloggers really inspired me. I keep telling myself that I am going to be more outgoing and social and try to meet people doing the activities I love, seeing this post from Kam gave me even more reasons why I need to stop being shy and afraid and just go out and do it!

I loved this post about writing from Scoutie Girl. It was such a sincere post and gave an intimate glimpse of her life as a writer (and so much more.)

And finally, a little bit of Spring inspiration from Selective Potential. I love this collection of her favorite Spring outfits. The polka dot dress at the end is my favorite! Especially with those shoes.

What is your morning routine? What are your favorite blogs to read?


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