fitness: march goal update

My goal for March has been to take 10,000 steps a day. And so far, this has been the best change I have made in a while. When I monitor how much I am walking each day and how many steps I am taking, I find myself going outside more. Now, I know, I am really lucky to live in Southern California where this past week it was in the high 70's and low 80's all week. I know not everyone could add a 3 mile walk to their daily routine, at least not this time a year. But I can, and I did, and it is amazing.

You see, I have this adorable dog who I post too many photos of on Instagram and while I was doing a great job of taking her to the dog park regularly and walking her a couple times a week, now I walk her every day. And I love it. I love being outside, no loud music, no one else to talk with, no one telling me what to do, just me and my dog on a brisk walk through the neighborhood. 

Walks used to be a thing I would do when I was feeling down or frustrated and needed to clear my head. Adding them in every day has made me feel a lot more grounded. And because I make sure it is a brisk pace, I get the added benefit of burning a few extra calories. 

While I set my 10,000 steps as a fitness goal, it has really helped me focus on making time for me. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do a million different things each day. But taking time to walk 3 miles, as simple as it sounds, gives me a break from all that and let's me just enjoy things like the picture above. I took that picture on one of my walks this week (because yes, it is Spring in California and the flowers are letting it be known.) 

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