getting crafty: midi skirt inspired by adventures in dressmaking

ramble kat ramble

I really am not a fan of patterns. I like projects where I can just start digging in and be a little adventurous. When I saw this lace midi skirt on Adventures in Dressmaking, I knew it was the perfect project to try next. What Suzannah did on her blog is gorgeous with the lace but I wanted to use what I already had in my stash for this project so I picked this fun orange and white cotton fabric out of the pile and began cutting.   

ramble kat ramble

In her post, she said that the skirt is basically two big rectangles and then one long one (for the waistband.) I started out big, each rectangle at first was almost twice as wide as the waist band was long. But I ended up cutting the fabric down so the total width was just about one and a half the length of the waistband. This allowed me to still play around with pleating but was not nearly as intimidating. I think next time I will end up using more fabric as I originally planned. That would give it more fullness and I think I would like the shape more.

ramble kat ramble

Overall though, this was a quick and easy project that I really loved. I am planning on making another one tomorrow if I have time. It's a great way to make a skirt because you have tons of room to play and try new things without having to worry too much about getting it wrong. I also really like that the choice of fabric on this can complete change the look and style of this skirt. I am wearing it tomorrow to dinner with friends and I hope to post some pictures of it in action on my instagram. 

What craft projects are you working on right now?


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