things i love: 4.25.14

I got the Currently Starter Pack from the ruKristin Papercrafts shop. I am enjoying this simple and straightforward way of stopping to document my life.

I love my new Canon SELPHY - Wireless Compact Photo Color Printer*. I hope to review it more in the next few weeks once I really get to play with it but so far it is awesome and makes tackling memory keeping so much easier.

Allyson wrote about all the different kinds of Yoga on my blog on Monday. It's like Yoga 101! Hop over to her blog today and see a piece I wrote: 3 ways yoga helps me with rock climbing!

I love this new "A Few Last Things" series from Sometimes Sweet.

Elise Blaha broke down how to use affiliate links. Also, her podcast with Amy from Lemon and Raspberry was really insightful and interesting. It took affiliate links to a whole new level.

Speaking of Amy, her book club is reading The Creative Habit*. This is one of my favorite books and I read it every few years. I think I am going to read it again for the L&R Bookclub.

I am loving this midi skirt idea from Adventures in Dressmaking. That's a sneak peak of the skirt I made above but you can see my take on it here.

Bookworms in Dresses wrote about Vonnegut this week. He is still my favorite author.

Flow 397 is a great company that donates $3.97 to the National Parks with every purchase. I really want this shirt from them and right now they are doing an awesome giveaway! All you have to do is submit photos from the National Parks to enter!

Hiking the Trail is one of my new favorite blogs. They have a series called Adventure Mondays where you can submit photos of your outdoor adventures. This week there was a familiar name!

What are you loving right now?


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