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I am taking the My Details eCourse and it's been a great way to start exploring memory keeping. I always wanted to be a scrapbook kind of person. I love looking at scrapbooks and the layouts and designs but I never know what to document or where to start. I had recently won the Project Life Lessons from the Lemon and Raspberry blog and when I saw that My Details started before those lessons (and both are forever classes that can be done at your own pace if needed) I knew that it would be a good way to help me start exploring Project Life products (Available Here*) and memory keeping.

ramble kat ramble

So far this class has been fantastic. It is go at your own pace but new prompts are posted daily and the two teachers (Megan and Kristin) do an excellent job of providing examples of how they explored the prompts that are varied and take many different approaches. They each share multiple ways to approach the prompt, give suggestions on how to explore writing about yourself, and are very clear on what products and resources they are using to create their memory pages. 

ramble kat ramble

This was my first time trying to do any kind of memory keeping AND it was my first time using Project Life products. I have followed a lot of blogs (see below for some of my favorites) that use Project Life and I wanted to try it myself because it seemed like an approach to memory keeping that was more my style - not just putting photos in an album and not having to get elaborate with layering designs onto a 12x12 piece of paper. 

ramble kat ramble

With the first few prompts, I kind of just wanted to see how it worked. What is really great about this class is the interactive aspect through the private Facebook group. I posted my first couple of prompts there and immediately received encouragement. I also got to view how others attempted the same prompts and it inspired me to try different things and new approaches (I have learned what washi tape is and I am a fan.) There is also the hashtag for the group which let's me explore what others are doing as well. It's a positive and supportive group and just by seeing what others are doing and being able to have discussions through Facebook I am learning a lot more than I thought I would with an eCourse. I had done courses before (long ago) and didn't feel that I got anything useful from them but Megan and Kristin have done an amazing job creating not only excellent content in this class, but an interactive aspect that really makes the class worth taking. 

ramble kat ramble

You can still sign up for the class this week. I love it and it's great for all skill levels. It's easy to see that there are expert memory keepers and beginners (just like me) in the class and that is part of what makes it so great. 

So, how did I decide I wanted to start diving into memory keeping? Here are just a few of the many blogs that inspired me...

On all of these I linked to their main sites but most of them have a Project Life section or a simple search of their site will lead you to their amazing work. 


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