things i love: 4.18.14

My birthday was this week and I spent the day hiking a new set of trails. There was so much going on this week that it was nice to get away into the wilderness for a while and explore the outdoors. 

How to build your own scrapbook kit from Punk Project was a must read for me this week. 

I love this "If We Were Having Coffee" post from My Life as a Teacup! 

Another great post on learning to love sewing from Lazy Saturdays.

My dad got me a Nutri Bullet* and I absolutely love it. I love starting my day with smoothies, it's a great way to get more fruits and veggies into the day but my blender was old and clunky and had a hard time handling anything other than raw berries and bananas with lots of liquids to help. The Nutri Bullet is able to handle so much more, it's easier to clean, it's extremely convenient (you can turn the cup you blend it into a handled cup with a to go lid), and it came with great recipe books! All the hype seems to be true. 

3 Tips For Working While On The Road over at Campfire Chic.

I am inspired to try making a maxi dress because of this post from Adventures in Dressmaking. 

I am absolutely loving the My Details Class and will share more tomorrow! I am starting Project Life Lessons tonight as well and cannot wait to share these projects. 

I got new boots for my birthday as well and I LOVE THEM! These are the Keen Women's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot*. They are lightweight, proved to be waterproof on the trail this week, have just the right amount of support, and are super comfortable. When boot and shoe shopping everyone is different and you really have to go with what works for you but the quality on these is hard to beat. I can't wait to take them out on the trail again on Sunday. (Also, I love my new #hikerchat sticker from Teton Sports!) 

What are you loving this week?



  1. Thanks for all the love you've been giving me lately! You're so sweet and have made my week! xo

    1. You are most welcome! You have just been on a roll with inspiring crafty projects! Thank YOU for all the great posts.