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On Wednesday, I turn 28 years old. I have a hard time believing it because I still feel like I am in the strange balancing act between being young and adulthood and 28 seems much more adult than I tend to see myself. I've always really enjoyed all those birthday lists where people state what they want to accomplish before their next birthday and this year I decided to give it a try. Here are my 28 goals before I turn 29.

Crafty Things (1-8)

Adventure Things (9-17)

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The SoCal Six Pack of Peaks (I mentioned it a little bit here) is the main focus here.
  • Summit Mt. Wilson
  • Summit Cucamonga Peak 
  • Summit Mt. Baldy
  • Summit San Bernardino Peak 
  • Summit Mt. San Jacinto 
  • Summit Mt. San Gorgonio 
  • Go to Yosemite (I've never been!!!) 
  • Rock Climb in Joshua Tree National Park 
  • Go see the Redwood Forest (I've been but I need to go again.) 

Fitness Goals (18-20)
  • Send a 5.10 a/b at the Rock Climbing Gym (Kam, this is the same as your goal. I stole it.) 
  • Move up a level at my yoga studio
  • Attend (at least) 2 classes a week 
(I have a lot of reading planned for the next year.)

All the rest (21-28)
  • Read (at least) 40 books 
  • Complete one MIT Open Course 
  • Write three short stories
  • Start making music again
  • Learn to braid my own hair (I know how, it just never looks good. I want it to look good.) 
  • Join a book club (and actually go to it.) 
  • Volunteer 
  • Sing in public
I look at this list and feel very intimidated but also really excited. I am finally done with school and while I am still unsure if I will have a full time position or if I will continue subbing for another year, I know either way I can accomplish all of these.

What goals are you working on right now?


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