march fitness update: 10,000 steps

This whole month I have talked about my goal of taking 10,000 steps a day. I have talked about how I monitored my steps and how it got me outside. It has been one of the best goals I have made for myself and monitoring it has helped me keep to it and push myself every day. It was also one of the most challenging goals because a lot of what I do does not involve taking steps.

When I would do a yoga class it usually doesn't involve walking so I would sometimes have to push myself extra hard on days where I did yoga. I would go to yoga class, walk my dog, and then add on extra walking or a trip to the gym. Other times I found ways to add more steps to my work day if I knew I would not have time to hit the gym. To be honest, there were plenty of days where I did not make the goal but I was always working towards it and that alone got me out more and made me more active. I am going to keep this goal going because of how positively it has changed my days. Like I said before, I am getting outside more, going to the gym more, and spending more time with my dog. This goal will also help me as I begin getting ready for the California Six Pack of Peaks

The boy and I have decided to spend the summer summiting six peaks in Southern California. Most people use these peaks to train for hiking Mt. Whitney, and while we haven't decided if we will hike Mt. Whitney, we are really excited to see these six peaks in a whole new way. 10,000 steps a day will end up being my new minimum as I prepare for long hikes with huge elevation gains. While I will need to add even more to my week to help me get ready, I am excited to keep using this change to help support my next goal and to keep active.

What are your fitness goals?


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