getting crafty: half circle skirt

I used to work on crafts almost daily. It is something I love to do but with grad school and everything I put it aside for a while. The thing is, when you stop doing something for a very long time it can become intimidating. At least that's how it has been for me. I kept reading my favorite craft blogs and looking on pinterest at projects to try and would add new things to my to do list and then freeze. I would freeze up, make a million excuses, and never even start the project. I kept this pattern up for weeks and then finally this week I decided that what I needed to do was jump into something big and something with a result I could celebrate right away. That's how I landed on a half circle skirt. 

 I love how a half circle skirt is a classic piece but can be made more modern with fabric and length choices. You don't need a pattern for circle skirts, you just need to be able to do some basic math, have a pencil, and a measuring tape. I used several blogs and sites to help me remember the equation and the basics for a circle skirt some of which you can find here, here, and here. And trust me, those aren't the only sites that can help you with the math and drafting. When you google "circle skirt tutorial" you get pages of great references.

(I swear I didn't use flash.)

For my first project in years, I couldn't have been happier with the result. Some of the work near the zipper is sloppy and the next time I make a half circle skirt I will probably make it a little shorter, but overall I am really proud of it and cannot wait to wear it on Sunday when I have lunch with my grandmother. If you want to see this skirt in action, check out my instagram on Sunday for how I use it in an outfit.

(I had a super hard time taking a picture of the whole skirt. I need to find a new photo taking spot.)

What craft projects are you working on? What are your favorite craft blogs?


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