recipes i love: turkey spinach lasagna

I have said before that I am not a chef, that's why I am trying to learn to cook through recipes I find online. When I find ones I love, I want to share them with you so here is one of my favorites right now. Turkey, mushroom, and spinach lasagna from Healthy. Delicious. It is the best lasagna I have had in a long time and by using ground turkey and low and non-fat cheeses it makes it a healthier option to traditional lasagna. She is right when she says it wont stick around long if you have leftovers, it is amazing.

(Missing from this picture are the ground turkey, onion, garlic, fennel seed, salt, pepper, and basil.)  

The recipe on the site gives you the perfect timing and temperatures and it is fairly easy to make this recipe work for you if you need to change a few things. I have tried this recipe several times and while I stuck to the ingredients and recipe the first time, since then I have played around with it a little. I normally make this without mushrooms because most of the people I cook for do not like mushrooms but either way, this is legit lasagna and I want to eat it every day. I also tend to not add fresh basil unless I am growing it in my garden and I have made this before without the spinach - every variation has worked and has been absolutely delicious with the perfect consistency and balance of meat, cheese, and noodle. I'm also a garlic addict so I use crushed garlic instead of garlic powder most of the time but I have made it both ways and either way is awesome! I suggest, unless you have a dietary restriction, trying the original recipe first and then if you need to make changes you can - most of my changes were based on who I was cooking for or simple because I forgot something from the store (like the time I forgot spinach....for a turkey and spinach lasagna.) 

It's a great alternative to traditional lasagna and if you open the link and see a daunting list of ingredients; don't worry. I love the way the spinach works with this meal, you barely notice it is there but it adds this refreshing element to the meal and you get your greens! I love this recipe and highly recommend it! 


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