things i love: 4.11.14

My number one thing I love this week is the Mission Inn in Riverside, pictured above. I helped host a bachelorette party there last weekend and it was gorgeous! I hope to go back soon and I might share more pictures of it later on but for now, look at how beautiful it is!!! 

Muir Monday over at SoCal Hiker really got me this week. I was in the middle of spending way too many hours in front of my computer and it got me outside and enjoying the sunshine in no time. 

I know I devoted a whole post to it, but are you watching The Pete Holmes Show yet? Here is a hilarious (NSFW due to language) clip to help encourage you to watch it

This list of mini-albums on RuKristin are really great inspiration for paper crafts.

Shutting off the excuse machine from Adventure Journal is just the thing I needed to read this week. 

I am really excited to start Project Life Lessons next week. There is still time to sign up and we can be classmates. I am brand new to Project Life so I am really excited to get started! 

Also, I got some Project Life supplies and I am in love with them! I got this Project Life Album* and a Becky Higgins Core Kit* similar to this one.

I love this post from The Polka Dot Chair on what she wishes she knew before started to sew. It's really important to remember that you aren't always going to be perfect and mistakes are how we learn.

I got the boy Seinfeld: The Complete Series* for his birthday. I love this show so much.

Yes and Yes tweeted a link to this list of free online writing courses and it led me down a rabbit hole of all the MIT open courses I want to take. Summer break is two months away, I am already plotting.

These posts are turning more and more into big lists of things I love. I hope you enjoy these links and send me your favorites from the past week as well! I am always looking for new things to read and new things to try.

What do you love this week?


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