rambling: on blogging and adding affiliate links

If you have ever read my about me page then you might know that I decided to start blogging again to help me stay focused on things I love. I wanted to write about various aspects of my life, share those stories and journeys with others, find community online, and maybe inspire others in the process. I'm a small time blogger and outside of this little internet world, I work in a field I absolutely love passionately. The idea of monetizing my blog seemed wrong to me for a while, I kept thinking that if I did it would send the wrong message or change the focus of the blog.

But the thing is, I am often linking to products and books that I love and use. People often take hobbies and turn them into something more, even if it's just a little bit here and there. Why is blogging any different? Most people monetize their blog in some way or another from the largest million dollar blogs to the smallest every other week blog, it's just makes sense. That is why I decided to become a part of Amazon Associates and begin using affiliate links.

So, you may notice a couple very small changes in the next few weeks. First you'll notice a disclosure on the side bar that also links to a full disclosure page with more information. This is standard practice for anyone choosing to add affiliate links or monetize the blog in any way. Second, you will also notice that now, on some posts, when I link to a product it will be an affiliate link. And that's it. Nothing else really changes. I'll make sure to let you know in the post if there are affiliate links and if you decide to use them, thank you and that's really awesome. If you don't, thank you for reading my blog and that's really awesome.


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