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Hello, my name is Kat and I would like to welcome you to my blog and let you know a little bit about me. I am an educator in my late twenties with a passion for all things history. I love being outdoors and going on adventures, reading, crafts, and music. On the blog, I share my love of crafts, books I am reading, and adventures I go on.

I have been blogging in some way or another since 2008. In fact, this is the third version of ramble kat ramble I have written. Originally, this blog was created to help support an Etsy store where I sold crochet accessories. But when I decided to go back to graduate school and stop running my store, it became harder and harder to keep up the blog. 

Now that graduate school is over, I am jumping back into all my old hobbies and I want to write about them. I write because it motivates and inspires me. It's a selfish reason, but it's the truth. I write publicly because I love the sense of community that can come from blogging. I love hearing from others, being inspired by others, and learning from others. I can only hope that something you read here inspires you: to read a new book, to try a new craft, to go on an adventure, or to just try something new.

Some of my favorite posts so far include:
that time i cried on the steps of an empty summer camp
my review of the dinner 
my attempt at a midi skirt 
10,000 steps a day
lost horse loop trail in joshua tree

Welcome to my ramblings, thanks for coming along for the adventure. 


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