things i love 5.16.14

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I managed to start this post without a photo of my dog. I feel like this is an accomplishment. That's from our trip to the desert this week. I love it there except for the wind and how hot it can get, which is basically the main two types of weather the desert has: heat and wind. But even with that, I still love it. Now onto things I love this week.

Because dogs are the best and we should all go on more adventures with them.

20 ways to beat a bad mood.

Another blogger (Bacon and Glitter) with a great What I'm Reading series.

So much inspiration for using up my stash from Punk Projects.

If you are considering taking a blogging eCourse I reviewed two different ones here.

And some dresses I am obsessing over at ModCloth...

Get What You Dessert Dress in Dots from ModCloth

Sitting Giddy Dress from ModCloth

And a link to their Summer Party Prep Sale* where they have tons for 25% off through 5/19!   

This dress transformation from Sew Many Ways is amazing. 

I am always a fan of ways to increase productivity.

There is a Doctor Who Humble Bundle right now. 

You had me at Trash Art.  

I don't normally complain about the weather and this is not technically something I love but can we all take a minute to appreciate how dramatic this map is? I live closest to where it says "104." 

These party favors are adorable! 

I want to eat this all summer long. BERRIES! 

Because I need more excuses to buy washi tape.  Thanks Kristin!

And finally, I am excited for a weekend spent seeing my mom and one of my dear friends. 

What did you love this week? 



  1. Thanks so much for including me on this list! And both those ModCloth dresses are adorable. I have to stop myself from going on that site everyday because I can spend hours just browsing and making wish lists.

    1. I know! It's so easy to get lost for hours on there!

  2. Thanks for linking to me, Kat! :)

    1. You're welcome! You always have such inspiring stuff for crafting!

  3. I love the fact that the sun is shining has pretty much been since Thursday! OH YEAH! I love that my husband has been working on the nursery and even found time to cut the grass in the garden yesterday (it was getting a bit jungle like and I can't really lug the lawnmower around at the moment). Dogs are the best but it turns out our foster son is actually scared of dogs - even more so after seeing that video of the cat rescuing the small child from the dog - he got himself in a right state yesterday. For ages I wanted a Dulux dog, erm i think there technical breed is Old English Sheepdog but a white and grey one used to also be on the ads for the Dulux paint company here in the UK so they became known as Dulux dogs in our house. I also love Dalmatians - but I'd be spoilt for choice when it came to names - I think if it was a boy it would have to be Pongo and a girl would have to be Purdy - it can't be helped! My Great Aunt had a Lassie dog when we were growing up and she was lovely and so friendly. What breed is your dog?

    It's high sixties here today (I had to go and convert it as my app tells me in Celsius - 20 Fahrenheit would be super cold lol). I also need more of an excuse to buy washi tape - but for now I think I need to use the craft materials I have and work my way through my yarn - too much yarn too little time.

    1. Pongo and Purdy are such great names! Who knows, maybe when your son is older he might be ok with dogs! Mine is a rescue and the breed is a bit of a mystery...she is a terrier mixed with something.