what i'm reading: eCourses on blogging

Now, I know this is usually a place reserved for books and I promise to get back to that soon. But reading a book a week is something I am currently behind on because I spent this last week reading two different blogging related eCourses. I mentioned one of them in my things I love post last week but today I want to really give you a review of what I love about these eCourses.

Blog Life eCourse from A Beautiful Mess 

Let's start with the big one: Blog Life eCourse from A Beautiful Mess. I was curious about this course because I had taken their previous eCourse on blogging and having seen how far they have come in just a few short years, I knew there was a lot they could share in this eCourse.

First off, the format of how this eCourse is created is really well laid out. It is very text heavy but they have the chapters organized well, it is easy to see where you left off, they included some gorgeous photos so you don't get too overwhelmed by text, and they have video included as well. It is always interesting to read the more personal views of those who are successful at their craft, A Beautiful Mess has had incredible success over the few years but in this course they are honest and insightful on where they may have made mistakes and that is not only beneficial to read and learn from but it makes it more comforting that there may be mistakes.

The price on this eCourse is a little on the higher end of eCourses out there. While it does have a lot of useful information and solid activities (or 'homework') to help you grow and develop your blog, it may not be the best eCourse for someone who is just starting out. I found this to be useful because I had a foundation in a lot of the subject matter already but if I was just starting out I think this course might be a little intimidating. I would say this is a great course for someone who has the basics down and wants to grow and develop from there.

Spark eCourse from Campfire Chic 

Be prepared: I am about to rave like a fangirl about this eCourse, if you can't handle that turn back now. Kam has long been one of my favorite bloggers out there, she has a solid newsletter for bloggers, has created an awesome app to help you stay inspired in writing and blogging, and now with her Spark eCourse she is giving you access to 30 days of tips and insight to rekindle your blogging passion or take your blog to the next level. 

Full disclosure: I am only on Day 6 of this 30 day eCourse and I plan on writing another post once I am done but I wanted to share my experience so far because it has been so positive. The course is formatted as daily e-mails that not only give you tips, tricks, and insight but also activities and lessons to help you dig deeper and resources to extend your learning. While some of the things she has you do in the lessons seem really simple and straightforward at times, you will realize that she is having you do them as part of the course because they are essential things you need to do that you probably have been putting on the back burner. I really love this course and cannot wait to see what that full 30 days has in store. While she markets this for bloggers who are in a rut, I think it is great for all bloggers and the price really can't be beat. 

Have you tried either of these eCourses? What did you think?



  1. Hi! I am also taking A Beautiful Mess E-Course. I agree, it's helpful, but I feel like it works best if you already know something. When I first started, I had no clue about platforms and plug-ins, and everything was so overwhelming! I am not familiar with the Spark eCourse, but I will sure check it out! Your blog is lovely btw! :-)
    Marketa (www.bohemianmint.com)

    1. Yes, the ladies of A Beautiful Mess have tons of experience and a lot of knowledge to share! I am glad you enjoyed it too! And thank you for the kind words, can't wait to check out your blog!