a review of braid creative ecourses and a coupon code

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I recently completed a Braid Creative eCourse on personal branding and absolutely loved it. I am working on how best to keep this blog going as I begin a new career and figuring out my personal brand was something I struggled with. The ladies of Braid Creative are incredibly knowledgable and passionate about helping creative businesses thrive and the eCourse I took with them was more in depth than any other course I have taken.

As opposed to being a general blogging eCourse - Braid Creative focuses on creative businesses and the main aspects of those business: your personal brand, landing dream customers, and shaping your content. I have only done the personal brand course but it was so focused and thorough that I am excited to try their other courses as well. What I loved about it was that it allowed me to create a clear vision of what I want my brand to be in relation to all the various aspects of my creative life. It allowed me to dig deeper while keeping a clear vision of the overall big picture.

They have another eCourse coming up and I am excited to try it as well. This one is about Dream Customer Catching and right now I am able to offer all my readers a coupon code so you can take any of their classes for just $50! 

ramble kat ramble readers can use the coupon code "BRAIDCOURSE50" to take any of their classes for just $50! 

Have you taken a class at Braid Creative? What did you love about it?


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