rambling: camping is the worst

I wrote earlier about all the good things from our camping trip but let's get real for a second: sometimes camping is the worst. And here is why. 

You are surrounded by nature. 

Birds will wake you up well before dawn. Squirrels will scurry into your tent if you forget to close it. Bears will splash in the creek and force you to use strategic techniques to ensure your food and camp are protected. Trout will swim by mocking you because you will never catch them. All of the bugs who ever lived will go for the light you need to see at night to get from the campfire to your tent. 

Everything smells like campfire. 

Your hair. Your clothes. Food that was freaking SEALED will smell like campfire. And not just while you are there. FOR DAYS. You can wash your clothes, it doesn't matter. That smell is a part of you now. Everything smells like burning. 

You get frustrated from setting up your campsite. 

There wasn't a single breeze until you took out those fiberglass poles to set up your tent and then all of a sudden a tornado roars through camp. No matter how many times you read the directions or put the tent up at home, something always goes wrong. And while the ground may have looked level when you picked that site to put up your tent, it's not. Not even close. 


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