rambling: camping is the best

I am still feeling pretty good about our camping trip. It was short and sweet but it was wonderful and here are just some of the reasons why.

You are surrounded by nature. 

Birds will chirp. Squirrels will scurry. Deer might even wander through camp. Bears will splash in the creek. Trout will swim by. All this is a part of camping that is beautiful and wonderful and great. You see nature at it's finest and it is all around you. 

Everything smells like campfire. 

The warm, earthy smell stays with you and it stays as a reminder of good times around the fire on cold nights. The smell will remind you of the stories you shared, the laughs you had, the smores you made. Even when your trip is over, you will still have the smell of camp with you for days. 

You get fulfillment from setting up your campsite. 

You make a shelter, create a fire, and organize camp to fulfill your needs for your trip. It is empowering and fulfilling even if the tent is a breeze to put together, you still used your own hands to make something that will protect you from the elements. 

What do you love about camping?


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