fitness: yoga resources

There is a good chance that I am off in the woods somewhere camping and hiking and exploring lakes while you read this. So instead of pretending that I am doing yoga right this minute, I am going to share some great yoga resources from my fellow bloggers.

Yoga Tips for Beginners from Campfire Chic.
4 Essential Yoga Poses for Hardcore Hikers.
Yoga 101 from Allyson Potrebka.
And Why You Should Take a Private Yoga Class from Allyson as well.
5 Yoga Poses to Practice First Thing in the Morning.
I like this what's in my yoga bag from Chalkboard Mag.

Hopefully these posts help you get on the mat! Unless you are like me and off camping somewhere without your mat, then maybe you can flow through a few poses near your campsite!

Any great yoga posts I missed? Leave them in the comments!



  1. I love this! Chalkboard mag always gets me....I want to live in that perfectly juiced and yoga-ed up world.

    1. I know! I love Chalkboard Mag too! I get lost on there sometimes.