rambling: taking a break

And not just any mountains, but the very mountains John Muir wrote about. This week, if all has gone well, today will be my third day in the Sierra's on a trip without an exact end date. On Friday the boy and I were joking and chatting about all the camping gear he had found in his attic and suddenly we were looking at camping sites. We thought about Zion and Yosemite but obviously those tend to be parks you have to plan for. Then we thought about the National Forest and the Sierra's and settled on an area both of us had never been to but always wanted to explore. 

We are very lucky. We have our local mountains that we can explore almost any day of the week, but to get the chance to go up North and see what all the fuss is about is something much more special. We both knew that if we didn't go this week, we may not get to go for at least a year as we both start our new careers. Our chances to go out and explore will be limited to day trips and day hikes for the next year or so, and while there is plenty for us to do near we live - we couldn't pass up the chance to spend a few days somewhere new. 

So if I've been a little slow to answer e-mails of blog comments or any of that, forgive me. The mountains were calling and we couldn't say no. 



  1. That sounds wonderful. I'm going hiking/camping this weekend and I seriously can't wait. Have fun!

    1. It was amazing! I just love being out in the wilderness! Have fun on your trip and take lots of photos!