around here 7.13.14

ramble kat ramble

I've been away from the blog and social media for two weeks now. Being away from Social Media also meant I found myself taking less photos throughout my week. Here are just a few moments I did capture from the last two weeks. 

ramble kat ramble

I am very slowly working on our garden. We have big things happening to the house this week and it will be really nice to have the yard transformed as well. I am hoping we figure out a ground cover soon but for now I am just planting succulents for days.

ramble kat ramble

I had a girls night in Anaheim with two of my besties. We had popbar (above) and went to the Speakeasy (below) at the Packing House there.
ramble kat ramble

ramble kat ramble

I just got this brooch from Bacon and Glitter. It is super awesome and cute and I cannot wait to wear  it. I may have also gotten some Doctor Who posters for my classroom because a history teacher deals with time and space, right?



  1. One of the things I love about blogging is the fact that I document my life in photos more often. I always argue with people who say that it's stupid to always be sharing photos on social media: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be happy for the documentation when I'm older, and seeing other people's photos usually inspires me to go out and create my own! Like your photos: I would now like a Popsicle!

    1. I totally agree! It gives you a unique way to document what is going on in your life. Do you document your life in other ways? I also scrapbook using Project Life and I find it really interesting how different how I document things on here is compared to how I document for myself.