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I love a good Sci-Fi book and I love a good YA book that isn't all a-girl-can't-live-without-her-man. Cinder was spot on when I read it a few months back and yesterday I picked up Scarlet (the second book in The Lunar Chronicles) and was excited to see that the story just gets better.

Scarlet continues in this future world of cyborgs and moon people with the same momentum and charm the first book has. I like to keep my reviews short to avoid any spoilers and that is especially true with the second book in a series.

This book definitely has more of the gooey romance that I tend to gag at when reading YA. I like finding books with strong female characters who are more than just the trendy Twilight-esque "I need a man to survive." But Marissa Meyer does a great job of adding in romance without making the romance a weakness of the character. You know, like how love works in real life.

I could not put the book down. I read it in a day. Meyer created a unique and intriguing future world with characters that are funny, smart, and charming. I've already started the next book in the series and I love that with each new character that is introduced is their own person. Often books will downplay characters, wash them out to make them similar to each other so it would make sense how they all connect but instead Meyer plays up the differences and how those differences bring them together which is part of what makes the book such a fun and enjoyable read.

This is a great book to recommend to young teens who enjoy Sci-Fi (although there are some violent scenes, nothing more violent than The Hunger Games but still may not be considered appropriate for everyone.)

Have you read any of The Lunar Chronicles yet? What did you think?


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