things i love 7.25.14

This is quickly becoming a dog centric blog. This has happened entirely on accident. But as always, I start this post with an adorable picture of a pup. 

This week I started a new series where I interview people about things they love. Just a few simple questions but so far every response I have gotten has been amazing and I can't wait to keep sharing these with you! Haley Tucker was the first one to do the interview and I loved reading all about her love of scrapbooking. 

I have to be honest, I love ambassador programs from outdoor and fitness companies. I have found such great information and inspirational people through programs like the Fabletics Masters' program. I was really excited to see this last week that Teton Sports has started a similar program with their Mountain Adventurers!  There are some really amazing people in the Mountain Adventurer program, check it out. 

If you are still on summer or planning a trip here are some travel fitness trips

30 Days of Lists is happening soon. I really enjoyed it in the past and wish I could do it this year. Maybe in the Spring I can but you should sign up now. Cause it rocks. 

I am still working on how to balance out teaching, this blog, and a new blog I am launching soon about my first year of teaching. You may have noticed things have slowed down here a little bit but I will still be writing about all the same things I love, just at a slightly slower pace. As I was making these plans I got an e-mail from the Campfire Chic mailing list that was exactly what I had been thinking: Do Less. Finish More. 

What do you love this week? 


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  1. Thank you for linking up & the sweet words! (Also I am almost done with my interview questions, I swear!)

    I'm pretty excited about that teaching blog you mentioned! I've been working in the education field for awhile now, but after some unexpected changes that took place this summer, I found out that this upcoming year is going to be quite different for me... and I am as nervous as can be! I'll probably be slowing down my blog a bit too. Planning week starts on August 11 and it is coming up fast! We'll have to swap stories and teaching tricks once the school year begins. :)