getting crafty: organizing project life


I love working on Project Life because it is so easy to do and allows me to make scrapbooks in a way that is enjoyable and creative. The ease of organizing the scrapbooks is part of the appeal but organizing the actual supplies can become a little overwhelming as you dig deeper and deeper into Project Life. Today I am going to share some great inspiration for organizing your Project Life and scrapbooking supplies. 

In the future, I want something like this Raskog cart set up that Campfire Chic created. I love that you can see all the supplies. One thing that keeps me from working every week on my scrapbook is that I don't have the supplies really visible. They are so tucked away that it makes it hard to get inspired to do the work. Something like this would really help me keep up with it every week. 

I found this set up on pinterest and love how accessible every thing is! It really lets you see all the cards and supplies! 

Kristin uses a fun containers to help her organize her Project Life supplies. 

Right now, I use a simple set of small plastic drawers but it's not enough and it is hidden away. This system easily gets messy and that's another thing that can get in the way of inspiration. While I am not exactly ready to re-organize my supplies, I love searching pinterest for more ideas and you can find some of my inspiration on my Project Life pinterest board.

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What system do you use to organize your supplies?


  1. I have a raskog but converted mostly to digital so most of it is collecting dust. Will probably do a physical baby album for the new arrival next year though :)

    1. Congrats on the impending arrival! I've been thinking a lot about digital lately because I am starting to be overtaken by my craft supplies.