what i love about hiking with oshie of hike.eat.camp.repeat.

 I am excited to introduce Oshie for this weeks "what I love about..."Oshie is a hiker who is active in chats on twitter and she writes a great outdoorsy blog. Today she is here to talk all about her love of hiking. 

What is your earliest memory of hiking?
Digging deep (as I have really bad memory!), I’d say I was about 3 or 4 years old, I’d even wager around 2, but that’d be too much of a shot in the dark. Memory flashes of bits and pieces of scenes exploring a cave come to mind like a broken film reel.

What is the one thing you love the most about hiking?
The simplicity. You just basically need yourself to do it and be able to enjoy it. No cars, no bikes, no skis or snowboards, just your legs.

What is one thing you love least about hiking?
Those steps/stairs on the trail! Mostly abundant in the sierras, I've noticed, but have seen them on other trails as well. The folks who made them (though I thank them profusely for their time and volunteer work) did not have short folks, like me, in mind. hahaha.

When did you know you had fallen in love with hiking?
I'd say my first hike in Yosemite, to the upper falls some-some 10 years ago, but I think Havasu Falls was what sealed the deal.

It was September of 2007 when hiking and I became officially an item, surrounded by the sweeping canyons of Arizona, with the mesmerizing sounds of the waterfall playing as our background theme song.

<insert romantic sigh here>

We finally had the right love at the right time (aaannd cue Barry Manilow song!)

That was our moment.

What keeps you going back to hiking?
The views.
The work out sans the four walls of a gym.
The valid excuse to be all dirty and grimy, and not have to shower right away. The mentality changes when I’m outside, me thinks.

What advice do you have to a novice?
2 things I use to encourage everyone, including myself still:
This one I read somewhere but can longer remember who, when and where: If you can walk, you can hike!
And something that I truly hold dear: HYOH – Hike your own hike. Do it fast, do it slow. Either way just do it and go.

Do you love hiking? Share your love of hiking in the comments. 


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