books and me

Why am I so terrible at finding books I really like? Or when I do find one I like, I just 'don't have time' to stick with it? I am changing that this year. This is the year that I don't give up on books. This is the year I stick with it.

My goal is to read two books a month this year, I am on track but I should be able to read four a month and part of what keeps me from doing that is constantly starting books and never finishing them. My rule for this year is to finish all the books. That's right, I am going to make myself read every book I start. No giving up, no starting another book until I finish the one I am on, and no complaining.
(I am currently reading this tween book.) 

I have a bad habit of buying books that I will never finish and I am done with that. I am going to read through them all and once I am done, it's time for the library and whatever book I start, I better finish!

What are your reading habits? Do you finish every book you pick up? What is your favorite thing your reading right now?


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  1. I usually force myself to finish a book even if I hate it, but if it's like torture to get through I'll give up. I read a lot, if you want a list of books I enjoyed send me an email or something, I'll hook a sister up! :) novaisawesome at gmail dot com