recipes i love: honey mustard chicken

This is my favorite recipe of the moment. I make it almost every week. I love how simple it is to make homemade honey mustard. It's delicious, moist, and so insanely easy to make that I usually have the time (and energy) to make a more complicated side dish with it (like mashed potatoes.) If you don't like mustard, I would say this probably isn't for you. But because you make the honey mustard for this chicken, it's not too sweet and doesn't taste like most honey mustard sauces or dressings you buy at the store.

I cannot stress how easy this recipe is. I have gotten in the habit of making this with thinly sliced chicken. It cooks faster and comes out just as delicious. Like I said, I make this with mashed potatoes or with steamed green beans and there are never any leftovers. 


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