things i love 5.2.14

I don't have many pictures to share today, so you get to see how adorable Daisy is. I just can't handle her sometimes. She is the best little dog. This week, the blog world was on a roll! So many great things to share. I know I am missing posts here so feel free to share your favorites in the comments. 

I love Selective Potential - this blog is gorgeous and her style is amazing.

Restart a bad day and make it productive again from Yes and Yes.

I've written before about how much I love my Fitbit Zip* but this week it really helped me stay on track with my goals. The app is just the best.

I love the store Emerging Thoughts, just got the cutest pair of shoes and this cute necklace!

This altered printers tray is super cool! Can't wait to try this DIY!

The Polka Dot Chair has 50 DIY's for Mothers Day (or any day really, some of these I might need to make for myself!)

Want to go on a MicroAdventure? Kam has you covered with these great apps!

Look for a Science Fiction Young Adult book? Cinder* is so great, read my review here.

Rising*Shining has tips for starting your own podcast.

Floral Party Craft ideas from A Night Owl

Lemon and Raspberry is hosting a free blogging webinar next week. Her newsletter is amazing so I can only imagine how great this will be!

What did you love this week?



  1. Oh my goodness!!! your pup looks so much like mine!! what kind is she?

    1. She is a rescue and they thought she was Cairn Terrier when I adopted her but once she gained weight and got healthy she started to look a little more Maltese mixed with terrier.