things i love 7.18.14

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Oh hey look, that's not my dog but she is a dog I love and she is really cute. Is it bad that I start all these posts with adorable animals? We all need more adorable animals in our lives, right?

Earlier this week I talked about The Lunar Chronicles and managed to read yet another book in the Chronicles and LOVED IT. Cress (Lunar Chronicles)* will get a full review next week because it was awesome.

Oshie started a tumblr that is basically all the places I dream of going to next. Hikes to gorgeous alpine lakes!

Remember that adorable TARDIS brooch I get from Bacon and Glitter? She has them in her Etsy store now. Go get your nerd on.

Speaking of Doctor Who - have you seen this whovian themed bathroom?!?!?!

I am launching a new interview series on the blog next week and I am so excited at the incredible people who are going to be a part of it. It's all about loving something or having a passion for something. Interested? Email me here!

I am probably crazy but I am probably about to start a new blog about my first year of teaching. While brainstorming I have been shopping around for blogger templates. I found gorgeous ones here, here, and here.

We are moving from day hikers to backpackers which means we need a lot of new gear. While the idea of investing all that money is daunting it has been a lot of fun seeing what is out there - like this new tent from Teton Sports! 

What do you love this week?



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! And I'm so glad you love your brooch. :)

  2. What year are you teaching? I'm a VPK teacher & director, but next school year I am taking on a tutoring group comprised of kids with special needs. I'm pretty excited about it, and will probably add it to my blogging repertoire a little bit!

    Also, I'm excited to learn more about your interview series. :) :)

  3. I meant to keep up with a first year blog but I failed miserably on that front. I'd love to read about your first year though so keep us updated! Now i'm starting year 3 of teaching and i'm just hoping I can keep up with some lesson and observation posts.